Testimonials from customers:

"My darling daughter is lucky enough to have not one, but two Cat Lee paintings above her cot. There is something magical, whimsical and strong about Cat and her art - the perfect vibe for my little lady. It felt like the adorned Lama was always greeting me with a smile through the night in those first few months!" - Kerri; Klaylife www.klaylife.com

"Cat Lee's artwork is the most spectacular I've seen.  I love the striking colours used in her work and each piece has its own story. In particular I love how she has captured the cheeky personality of each of the 26 animal characters in the ABC book for Unklebearskin. My kids love that book and the animals really make it so fun! Cat is such a talented artist, and best yet, a nice person! Thank you Cat for creating your art, it has brightened up our home." - Marissa F; Victoria, Australia

"So much warmth and a whole lot of love is what comes from this beautiful artist! I came across Cat on Instagram and really loved her nature and wildlife works as well as sweet posts.  When I discovered she was illustrating a book (ABC by Unclebearskin Productions) I knew I had to buy it. It was a fantastic purchase and had me wanting more, this time for myself and then also as gifts for special people in my life. 

Owls are a favourite of mine, and I really enjoyed watching the different types Cat would paint. When I was finally ready to transact, my no.1 was snapped up by someone else. Being super fussy with colours I like on my walls I contacted Cat to see if there would be others coming. I found dealing with Cat just added to my love of her work as she is so humble, gracious and down to earth. 

I now have my perfect owl that I look at daily and just love it so much and the feelings I get from looking at it.

Recently I purchased my first ever abstract, also by Cat and it's just such a beautiful gentle piece and again I'm totally in love. It was gorgeous online but even better in real life. 

Thank you Cat for being so wonderful and creating such beautiful work. I love your spirit and style and look forward to seeing more of your works." - Lana M, Singapore