I grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney; Australia. Life for me was the beach and horses.  My mother and grandmother were both artists and I naturally followed suit.

A great deal of my formative years were spent in solitary play in nature, with animals and drawing.  (I would sit for hours in our enormous bird aviary at home. It was filled with budgerigars, parrots and quails.  I loved listening to their chatter and watching them fly around the aviary).  Time with nature, in particular, has always felt like a spiritual experience to me. Now, whilst creating my work as an adult, I'm reminded of the 'worlds' I visited as a child and am able to access the similar whimsical playfulness (almost Neverland-ish) whilst creating my work.  

Hours upon hours were also spent immersed in How to Draw books (the subject was mainly horses as I was somewhat horse obsessed as a young girl) and paint by numbers.  Early on, by the age of seven, I had become a confident self-taught artist who understood perspective, colour and form.  I later went on as a mature student to study Fine Art at University.

My artistic journey is one of experimentation and exploration; and I'm mostly self-taught; drawing inspiration from nature; my home environment and my appreciation for textiles, jewellery and culture. My work is described as whimsical, lighthearted and feminine.  I enjoy the combination of abstract and realism; conveying a dance between the world of my imagination and my interpretation of what I see.